1. Hang up your ties on a rack will helps to lesson some of the wrinkles.
  2. For travelling, loosely roll ties and place them inside a pair of socks.
  3. Do not put any loose threads on your neckties, it can do major damage. Just cut it away.
  4. Do not wear the same necktie more than 2 days consecutively, it need time to return to its normal shape.
  5. Always unknot your tie when you are not wearing it, leaving it knotted can damage the tie and cause permanent wrinkles.
  6. Look out label for handling instruction. If not sure, avoid ironing your necktie.
  7. If you find it necessary to iron the tie, cover it with a cotton cloth to protect the fabric then iron it on a low setting.
  8. Do not wash your tie; most ties will shrinks unevenly when washed in water due to different shrink rates of the various materials inside of the tie.
  9. To steam your tie, hang it in the bathroom when showering or hold your tie over a boiling pot of water on the stove to stream out the wrinkles. Careful not to let the tie to touch the water.
  10. Be careful not to get any cologne can damage the color of ties.